McEssence aims to add unique features to Minecraft while also keeping things simple.

We do not have many of the clutter and copy/paste of modern servers.

We have no economy , or vote creates or spammy messages. We don’t have ranks or a bunch of commands.

We have refined the multiplayer experience to be as simple as it can be while offering a bunch of unique features such as custom armour/items and rebalancing of core mechanics.

All of this is offered in a small world which encourages interaction and playing together.

We have a custom made world with islands. Every few months the old island will be locked to new players and a new one created.

For the most part you can play on the server like you would any other single player world, all the features are easy to use and most of them are optional. You simply start playing Minecraft and you can work out the rest later!

Please come join and check out all the fun!

Joining on Java

Joining on Bedrock

Joining on Consoles

Joining on Switch

1️⃣Getting Started1️⃣

Getting Started Guide



Death Chests

Resource Worlds


Protecting Items



2️⃣ After a While2️⃣

Automation Blocks

Multi Tool

Food Balancing

Checking Griefs

Reporting Players